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At you Walk Bail Bond, we get how difficult an arrest can be for the defendant as well as for the dependents and loved ones. That’s why we’ve spent the last 18 years providing the quickest, most efficient, and cheapest bail bond services you can find anywhere in Denton County.

You Walk Bail Bond is proud to offer bail bond services for a variety of charges that include by are not limited to misdemeanor offenses, felony offenses, traffic tickets, and more. Even if you feel completely overwhelmed at how to post bail, give our Denton County office a call at 940-380-1954. Our compassionate and knowledgeable agents are standing by right now. That’s right, we’re open 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.

Get the cheapest, quickest, and most efficient bail bond services anywhere in Denton County from the professionals who have been doing it for the past 18 years, You Walk Bail Bonds. We are open every day of the year around the clock, so no matter when you need us, we’re just a phone call away. Reach our team right now at 940-380-1954. Make sure you have the defendant’s full name, the name of the jail they are in, and a major credit card ready and we’ll have bail posted for you in under 30 minutes!

Guiding You Through the Bail Bond Process

When it comes to getting a bail bond in the state of Texas, things tend to proceed along a somewhat familiar path:

  • An arrest occurs and a defendant is taken into custody until their initial hearing, known as the arraignment hearing.
  • An arraignment hearing is held where the judge or other officer of the court sets a bail amount.
  • After this, the defendant is free to post bail at any time and return to their normal life until the trial takes place.

One big issue with this is that the typical bail in most cases in Denton County ranges anywhere from a few thousand to a few hundred thousand dollars. Most people don’t have that full amount. This is where we can help. You Walk Bail Bond can help you post bail with a bond in as quickly as half an hour.

If you have any questions or wish to discuss the specifics of your situation with one of our experienced and helpful Bail Bond Agents, just give our Denton County office a call at 940-380-1954.

Frequently Asked Questions about Bail Bonds in Denton County

Q: Does it take a long time to get bail bond?

A: It typically only takes half an hour to process and post a bail bond. However, to be done that quickly, we’d need the defendant’s full legal name, the name of the jail where they are being held, and a major credit card.

Q: Once I post bail, how long until I can get out of jail?

A: This can vary a little depending on specifics with your case, but assuming bail is posted right away after the arraignment, most defendants in Denton County are able to be released from jail almost immediately. At this point, they are free to return to their normal lives until such time as they must face trial.

Q: How much does a bail bond cost?

A: There are some factors that can affect the cost of a bail bond. Please call our office to discuss your specific case for a more accurate estimate, but in most cases, bail bonds run between 7% and 20% in Denton County and the surrounding areas.

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